Sifu William C. Phillips

Sifu William C. (Bill) Phillips began his study of martial arts with Sifu Stanley Israel in 1965. He studied Karate, Jiu-jitsu, and Judo with Sifu Israel, and in 1967 also began to study Tai Chi form with him. Sifu Israel was one of Professor Cheng Man Ching's six senior students in New York. After hearing about Professor Cheng from Sifu Israel, Sifu Phillips sought out the Professor by knocking on Chinatown doors and began to study with him in early February of 1970. From Professor Cheng, Sifu Phillips refined his form, and also learned push hands and sword form. He became the most junior student to be given permission to take pictures and make audio and film recordings of Cheng Man Ching, and was the most junior student to ever be given a beginner's form class to teach at Professor's school, the Shr Jung.

After Professor Cheng's death in 1975, Sifu Phillips continued developing his form and push hands skills with another of Professor's senior students, Mort Raphael, for a couple of years, but after that was largely on his own. In 1988, a friend brought Master Zhang Lu-Ping, who was on tour, to teach at Patience T'ai Chi. Very impressed with his skill, Sifu Phillips asked Master Zhang if he would teach him, and Master Zhang agreed. For the next 10 years until Master Zhang's passing in 1998, Sifu Phillips learned Yang Long Form, and applications to push hands of Tai Chi form. He also greatly improved his push hands, rooting, and neutralization skills.

In 1970, Sifu Phillips founded the Patience T'ai Chi Association, so named because of the quality he most wanted to be mindful of in his teaching and in his own studies. The Association has flourished over the years, and Sifu Phillips has taught hundreds of students Tai Chi, and until 1993, also Karate, and Ju-jitsu. Today, Sifu Phillips, who also holds the rank of Nanadan (7th degree black belt) in Shotokan Karate from the Japan Shotokan Karate Association of North America, and a Godan (5th degree black belt) in Ju-Jitsu from the American Ju-jitsu Council, focuses mainly on teaching Tai Chi form and push hands. He has served as a judge at numerous tournaments, and has travelled the country teaching seminars, including at the Tai Chi Farm of Master Jou Tsung Hwa. He also ran a holistic health weekend at the Fallsview in the Catskill Mountains for 12 years, and held Cheng Man-Ch'ing Tai Chi Family gatherings for the 100th and 101th Anniversaries of Professor's birth. Sifu Phillips has made a number of television appearances on programs such as The O'Reilly Report on Fox Cable and Brent Garber's Health Update, and has been featured in many publications including USA Today, Inside Kung Fu and Men's Health. Most recently, Sifu Phillips has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the American Society of Internal Arts (ASIA). He is also completing a book on Tai Chi, and is working on a breathing and advanced form correction video to complement his very successful instructional Tai Chi DVDs teaching Professor Cheng's 37-Posture Yang Short Form and Push Hands.

Sifu Phillips resides in Bronx, NY, and may be reached at 718-332-3477 or via the contact us page.