Master Zhang Lu-Ping

Master Zhang was a world renowned teacher and a good friend of Patience T'ai Chi. Master Zhang held a Doctorate in Mathematics and was known in the academic community for his ground-breaking work in differential equations. Master Zhang studied extensively in China and was noted for his deep knowledge of five styles of Tai Chi, superb applications and highly developed internal power. In an age where many great martial arts teachers remain reluctant to share their highest insights and techniques, Master Zhang will always be known for the openness and generosity with which he shared his knowledge of the art he so loved.

Master Zhang was from mainland China and the Tai Chi champion of Zhejiang Province. Over a 25-year period, he was the student of many famous instructors including:

Cai Hong Xiang (Hua Mountain Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi, Praying Mantis)
Wang Zi Ping (Shaolin Kung Fu, Xu Jin Ming Nan Quan, Southern Style Kung Fu)
Sun Ryu Zhi (Wu Style Tai Chi)
Xie Bing Can (Yang Style Tai Chi)
Zhang Hai Shen (Hsing-I, Pa kua, Xin I, other Wu style Tai Chi, Sun style Tai Chi)
Fang Nan Tang (Shaolin Style, Praying Mantis)
Dong Xiang Gen (Chen Style Tai Chi)
Du Wen Cai (Chen Style Tai Chi)

For More on Master Zhang's Legacy, see William C. Phillips' Some Thoughts on the Passing of Two Masters.